Knight Crier:
NP hosts 12th annual Engineering Academy Nano Tech, Engineering Symposium


Students present at the 12th annual Nanotechnology and Engineering Symposium @ North Penn High School!

Please join us on Tuesday,
May 30, 2017 @ 7PM for the
EDD Final Presentation!


Thank you ReliefBand for the donation and for meeting with eVRt to discuss your motion sickness product! 03-21-17

The engineering students have returned from London! 03-12-17

The Day Has Arrived!  Students are leaving today to present at the International Science Conference at St. Paul's School in London! 03-06-17

North Penn High School , Drexel University Society of Women Engineers Middle School Girls STEM Night!

North Penn Students Headed to London to Present Engineering Projects 02-06-17

Please help send our students to St. Paul's School in London!

EDD Students Present at At Philly Materials Day @ Drexel University!

PMD - Knight Crier Article

EDD Students Present at NP School Board Meeting

North Penn School Board Approves Student Trip to London in March! Next:  Finding the funding to Make This Amazing Opportunity a Reality!  Check Back Soon! 12-13-16

Dr. James Perkins visit from St. Paul's School in London!  Invites EDD students to present at International Science Conference in March! 12-13-16

Reviewing the latest published Shape Memory Polymer papers with hopes to Stand on the Sholders of Giants! 12-09-16

Microencapsulating non-Newtonian fluids?  Preliminary results look promising! 12-09-16

PCB Manufacturing: Students Creating a Custom Characterization Circuit for MAFC Research 12-08-16

Wireless Energy Transfer: Proof of Concept: Done!  60 Watt Light Bulb: Next!

Anna Janoff, 2016 Georgia Tech / 2012 Engineering Academy graduate Speaks With Seniors

3D Scanning and Printing @ NPHS!

2016-2017 EDD Student Research teams!

Dr. James Perkins: A Visitor from St. Paul's School: London
IRIS: Institute for Research In Schools

Students present their research at the 11th annual Nanotechnology and Engineering Presentation!

Students have successfully created core-sheath nanofibers! Thank you Craig Johnson at Drexel University and Carl Clegg at ram-hart instrument co.!  05-03-16

Thank you Hitachi and Angstrom Scientific for loaning us the TM3030 Scanning Electron Microscope!

Core-Sheath Phase Change Nanofibers!

Thermoelectric cell development!

Piezoelectric Thin Film development!

Core-Sheath Electrospinning a Better Bandage!

Effects of Atmospheric Pressure on Nanofiber Development: An experiment six years in the making!

Students present at Philly Materials Day! 02-06-16

Medicinal Microencapsulation: Another Method to Pain Relief! 12-18-15

Electronic Plants:  Engineering Academy junior, Julia Santos, is researching and testing the development of conductive plants.  12-17-15

Bubble Electrospinning: A first at North Penn High School.

Students began electrospinning polymer nanofibers!

Students select research foci:  Healthcare, energy and pure research...  develop research teams. 10-27-15

Engineering Academy students participate at Manufacturing Day at ACME Corrugated Box Company and MK Precision!

Students present their research at North Penn High School! 06-03-15